Certified Downdraft Hibachi & BBQ Tables

Downdraft System

Downdraft System

Roaster Tech's Downdraft System brings many benefits to Hibachi & Barbeque restaurants. While it lowers running costs such as electricity and cleaning, customers can enjoy the restaurant interior from the hoodless design. Discover how this system can improve your restaurant's profitability to its best!

The Benefits

Save Money

Much Less Cleaning

For example, the 3'x5' overhead exhaust ducts has 1500 cfm which causes the heat and a/c to get pulled through the exhaust. Our tables have 845 cfm, which does not pull the heating and air conditioning through the exhaust, thereby reducing the cost of your electricity bill. Carpet cleaning is necessary at least once every five weeks in the restaurants using the outdated hibachi tables, compared to the once a year cleaning using the Smokeless tables. Your furniture (chairs and tables) as well as your walls, ceiling, lights, etc. will not have to be constantly replaced/repainted and will not have any oily residue on them.

No Health Risks

Improved Appearance

Escape into the environment is significant with updraft system resulting in facial heat and oily residues on hair and clothes. Customers and chefs breathe in oily, smokey air and oil drop from the above exhaust hood to customers' head ,cloth, and food. The Hibachi table chefs will no longer be in a cloud of smoke and will not have to endure breathing in oil. Also, because of the change in design of the tables, your chefs will not have to stand next to the steel cooking plate which you can imagine gets extremely hot. Most importantly, your customers will no longer be exposed to the oily smoke that often remains on their hair and clothes. With Roaster Tech's Downdraft System, restaurants will no longer have to cope with the bulky overhead duct which takes up space. You can design innovative restaurant interiors without having to sacrifice anything. Take a look at some of the Smokeless Restaurants with our Downdraft Hibachi & BBQ Tables installed here.

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Downdraft System