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We have for more than 35 years, both in Japan and in the U.S., incorporated traditional Japanese techniques in designing, planning, and constructing tea houses, Japanese-style restaurants, Japanese steak houses, and restaurants using Smokeless B.B.Q. Tables/Smokeless Hibachi Tables.

After installing Smokeless B.B.Q. Tables in several restaurants throughout the United States, I started to receive many phone calls from Hibachi chefs. They had seen my Smokeless B.B.Q. Tables at a restaurant and noticed the absence of the exhaust hood above the Smokeless B.B.Q. Tables. They called me to ask if I also make a Hibachi version of it. I asked the Hibachi chefs why they ask if I also make a Hibachi version of the Smokeless B.B.Q. Table. The Hibachi chefs explained to me that the traditional hood-type grills cause inhalation of unhealthy smoke and oil vapors when cooking in front of customers. The chefs told us that the table becomes extremely hot and causes them to get tired quickly. The Hibachi chefs also informed us that the smell of the cooking smoke and oil stick onto the hair and clothes of the customers. In terms of maintenance, chefs say, that hood-type grills are not economical and that it is very difficult to clean the oily smoke that sticks on to the flooring, ceilings, and walls; as well as unsanitary and high risks associated with accidents and fire. Every Hibachi chef that called me to ask about a Hibachi version of the Smokeless B.B.Q. Table all said the same thing about why a Smokeless Hibachi Table was needed so much. Therefore, after hearing these comments, we decided to take on the challenge of researching and developing a safer, easier, and more economical Smokeless Hibachi Table. In 1996, we successfully installed our first Smokeless Hibachi Tables for Kiku Restaurant in Alpine, New Jersey.

Our products have obtained approvals from UL, NSF, and MEA for safety and reliability. Our products are currently installed on over 200 restaurants throughout the United States. We sincerely hope our products provide safe working environments for Hibachi chefs and our unique hoodless design provides better-lit interiors for a more fun and exciting dining experience for all customers.

Tadanori Okazaki | President
Roaster Tech Inc.

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